Sunday, June 13, 2010

Market Ghost Tour in Seattle

While I was in Seattle recently I went on the Market Ghost Tour which is run by Michelle and Mercedes, two very personable women. The guide for my group was Michelle, who was a very good storyteller. The tour lasted a little over an hour, and covered the Pike Place Market area. We visited about four places that we stopped and heard about at length, but there were also other places that were referred to as we went along. The first mortuary in Seattle was definitely the most intriguing site, but all of the tour was interesting. Michelle gave us a lot of the history of Seattle and the Market as well as talking about the paranormal goings on, and made it entertaining as well as informative. My only disappointment was that we were not able to go into any of the sites - the Market Theater was having rehearsals going on, and the mortuary building has been in the process of major renovations for a year or two and is not accessible. If you are visiting Seattle, I would recommend this tour as one of your activities!