Friday, February 8, 2008


Anyone else out there getting tired of International Ghost Hunters' obsession with EVPs? It seems like their technique of choice lately. Whereas Jason and Grant's investigations used it at times, this team seems to always have their trusty mini recorders on and asking questions. The strangest aspect to this is that many of their investigations are in countries where the deceased they're trying to communicate with wouldn't know English!!! I find also that their EVPs are even more vague than usual and yet they think they're clearly saying what they want to hear in them.

Personally, I have always been very skeptical of EVPs. There are so many air waves carrying radio, TV, cell phone, and computer communications it would surprise me if a tape recorder left running didn't pick something up. The day an EVP has a voice speaking clearly in sentences relaying information very unique to the situation/question I'll be impressed.

Has anyone gotten an EVP that is clear, is more than a word or two and is specific to the situation? What do others think about this technique as a tool for investigating the paranormal?