Sunday, August 5, 2018

Looking for a Haunted B&B in Florida?

Here are two Bed & Breakfast Inns in FL where you may have a paranormal experience during your getaway....

1872 John Denham House B&B, Monticello FL
     Pat Inmon, the innkeeper takes ghostly happenings in stride in this Italianate mansion near the center of Monticello. If you want to take any photos on the second floor or up in the cupola take them quickly - batteries get drained at an alarming rate.  Several times a month the alarm clocks in every guest room will go off at the same time in the middle of the day and the lights in the rooms may turn on and off by themselves while guests are in them.  Many guests have reported feelings of not being alone.  Apparitions of a man in period dress has been seen in the upstairs hallway outside the guest rooms, and one guest saw the spirit of a man in their room.  The John Denham House is a family (and pet) friendly B&B where children are welcomed and pets are allowed. There are five guest rooms priced $95 to $110, and the house is available for weddings and functions.  555 West Palmer Mill Rd., Monticello FL   phone: (850)997-4568.

Pensacola Victorian Bed & Breakfast,  Pensacola FL
     This Queen Anne Victorian in "Historic Downtown Pensacola" was originally built by a ship captain, William Northup in the 1890s. Chuck and Barbee Major are the innkeepers and are happy to share their home with benevolent spirits from the past. There is often the sound of classical music with no apparent source and also the sounds of children playing and giggling.  One guest arriving back at the inn late one night saw a woman in a Victorian style nightdress walk into one of the other guest rooms and was surprised to find out the next day that no one was staying in that room and none of the guests matched her description.  Chuck has also seen the apparition of a woman walking into one of the guest rooms when his wife was in their living quarters and no guests were registered at the inn. Some mornings the sounds of breakfast being prepared and even the tempting aroma of hot food have drifted through the house before the Majors have started any breakfast preparation.  The B & B offers 4 rooms to guests -  each comes with full breakfast, private bath, AC, cable TV, computer outlets and complimentary treats and beverages. Cost ranges from $95 to $150.  Address is: 203 W. gregory St.,   Pensacola FL  850-434-2818 or 800-370-8354.

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