Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Recommended Paranormal Podcasts

In the last two years I have SO gotten into podcasts!  I love listening to them while I walk the dog, work on the computer, driving, etc.  My favorites are the paranormal themed ones.  So here's a few of my top recommendations.  First is Jim Harold's Campfire.  This is a show where Jim has callers tell their stories of everything from ghosts to cryptids to UFOs to "head scratchers."  Jim's background is in radio, and his podcast is very professionally done.  He is very knowledgeable about lots of areas of interest, and also is personable and down to earth.  He has good interactions with the people relating their tales.  I especially appreciate that he is not sensationalistic.  Jim also has another popular podcast,  The Paranormal Podcast where he interviews experts in all different areas of the paranormal.  He's a good interviewer, and I enjoying listening to the episodes on topics that interest me.

Another one I love is Graveyard Tales.  Matt and Adam co-host this from Tennessee.  They cover all kinds of topics in the paranormal area.  Their format is more presentation (not interviews) and in an episode they will give the history of their topic, describe what's going on  that makes it of paranormal interest, and then discuss their takes on it.  They combine expertise, smarts and humor wonderfully.  I love their sense of humor and have often truly laughed out loud while listening.

My other go-to is The Night Owl Podcast . Stephen Belyeu is your host and is located in Austin, TX.  His episodes explore haunted locations in and around there and he does interviews with witnesses, uses a psychic medium, and historical research.  He has a very calm manner about him and there's not the gadget crazy histrionic approach to the investigations which is a much welcome change.  The locations and stories are really interesting (and have made me put Austin on my places I want to visit list!) The episodes are about every three weeks, so I have had to make myself not binge so that I always have some ready to listen to.

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