Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ouija Boards

When I was young ouija boards were a part of many sleepover parties. Now there are warnings throughout paranormal articles, books and TV shows about the dangers of using one. The predominant opinion seems to be that they can "open a door" for evil spirits to come through. I guess it's best to take the "better safe than sorry" approach. Although my experiences never resulted in any horrific or lasting results, it seems that others have had very negative experiences.

Are ouija boards' movements performed by spirits at all? Could most or all of the answers from beyond be from our own subconscious? If previously unknown facts are offered, couldn't ESP be a factor and the board a vehicle for the psychic ability of an individual?

If anyone has any ouija board experiences to share or thoughts about its validity and how it works, please comment!


capeghosthunters said...

My thought is simple Dont use one. They have proven that nonhuman spirits may be brought in through the portal. Its similar to being a vortex.Personally yah when I was a kid I played with one a few times but now I know what there purpose is, I leave it to the spiritualists that are trained and mediumistic people whi kno what they're doing

Anonymous said...

When I was in my early 30s my daughter and I were playing with one. It gave specific dates and times that my son would have an accident in her vehicle and told how it would happen. We didn't tell him because we thought it was just silly. It happened. He wasn't seriously hurt, but her car was totaled. We burned that board and never used one again.